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Traditional solutions CANNOT protect you from Social Engineering

Your employees are the weak spot in your cybersecurity strategy.

Do you think Dave in sales would respond to an unsolicited LinkedIn message or phishing email in the same way as Alice in IT?

Social engineering is a manipulation technique that hackers use to exploit human weaknesses – such as fear, naivety or ignorance – to gain access to confidential information or systems. For example, those emails you receive from suspicious-looking email addresses inviting you to click a link…? They’re social engineering attacks.

As technology develops, hackers are developing more sophisticated scams that are harder to spot. That means anyone can become a victim, including your employees and therefore your business.

Recent Numbers


of breaches target humans as the attack vector, using social engineering and BEC strategies

* Verizon’s 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report


One out of every five breaches, 19%, originate from the inside

* IBM Security X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2023


of incidents resulting in a loss of between $1 and $2.25 million.

* Verizon’s 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report could help to prevent THe demages

If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don't understand the problems and you don't understand the technology. (Bruce Schneier)

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Tailored social engineering cybersecurity protection

Each employee is unique

Your employees are not all the same and each poses a different risk to your business. So, taking a one-size-fits-all approach to social engineering risk assessment won’t protect you.

The most successful social engineering scams are tailored enough to make them believable. So your protection against this risk also needs to be tailored to each individual employee.

AUMINT.IO’s Trident system combines cutting edge AI and machine learning with live cyber expert intervention to simulate real-life hacking techniques and teach your employees to identify their own vulnerabilities.

This system completes your existing cybersecurity solution, providing full risk management protection that covers you against threats to your processes, your systems and your people.

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WITH OUR Tailored social engineering cybersecurity protection plan

About is the leading company in Social Engineering Cybersecurity protection. We specialize in helping companies protect their assets and information from Social Engineering related hacker attacks.


Tailored and adjusted to your company

Our services are tailored to each company’s unique mental and operational business vulnerabilities. We help identify, detect and teach how to respond to and protect your company and your employees from Social Engineering Hacker attacks.


Complimentary to Anti-Virus

Our Services are complimentary to Anti-Virus. Anti-Virus only protects your computers. However, your employees have access to these computers. Therefore If a hacker cannot break into your data technologically – he may get in via your employees (most of the time, even without them knowing that). Goal

Our goal is to help companies raise employees’ awareness of psychological manipulations that hackers do to hack the company and prevent them.


We use Cutting Edge Technology of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with Live Cyber Experts to test, monitor, and simulate real-life hacking techniques and teach the employees where are their weak points 


Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach results in the most profound protection that the company can get. Be Safe – Be Prepared – Immediate ROI 


We want to present you with the best AI solution you can have to increase the awareness among your employees. Anti-virus is not enough. Most of the takeover/blackmail cases happen due to employee failure/error. 


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Hackers target organizations and companies in the EU.

Our system will help your company to be ready for the next attack.

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Trident is a zero-touch, multilayered, reinforced AI simulator that uses machine learning capabilities to help train employees to spot the psychological manipulations hackers use.

Trident is based on the cybersecurity risk management cycle. Trident layers:

Trident Exposure

Just like a real hacker, Trident uses open source intelligence (OSINT) techniques and public data to learn about your company and your employees.

Trident AI simulation

Based on the knowledge it gains on each employee, the system will select and execute the most appropriate simulation to test each individual’s response.

Trident Protect 

Trident collects data about each response to the simulation and uses this to teach each employee how to protect them from similar – real – attacks in future.

Zero-Touch, No Install

A hacker will not warn you about an attack by asking you directly to install software. Trident uses the same approach. There is no need for you to install software or take any action to launch the simulations.

Regular reporting

To help monitor your preparedness for a social engineering attack, Trident generates attack reports and provides a calculated company security awareness rank.


Each Euro saved on prevention will cost hundreds to fix. cycle


Trident collects intelligence on your company and employees like a real hacker would.


This information is used to create social engineering simulations to test employees.


Each employee gets personalized training based on their own security vulnerabilities.


Ongoing tailored simulations and focused training protects the company in the long term.

Find your company's weak spots - before the Hacker does

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