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Scan for the breach ➤ Test and Simulate ➤ Asses the risk ➤ Train and protect ➤ Repeat

Scan – Trident will perform automated scans to map the company exposure and breaches

Simulate – Trident will perform simulations to classify the breaches

Learn – Trident will determine the best way to mitigate the risk. Either by training, re-simulating, or changing company procedures

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Hackers don’t wait for it to be a convenient time.

They’ll strike at the worst moment when they’ll have the best chances for you to pay the ransomware.

Trident by aumint won second place in insurance innovation by AXA

 Aumint proud to be a Luxembourgish startup.


Full protection all year round
  • Scanning for the employee data on more than 1000 websites
  • Scanning for employees’ data in news and events
  • Personal report by Email to each employee
  • Aggregated report for the manager
  • Email based simulations: Phishing/ Spear phishing/ Whaling
  • SMShing – SMS based simulations
  • Vishing – Phonecall, voice messages simulations
  • Waterhole simulations
  • Warshipping simulations
  • Dropshipping simulations
  • Deep fake simulations
  • Fake news simulations
  • Yearly status report
  • Dashboard
  • On request simulations
  • Adaptive continuous simulating and training
  • LMS integration
  • Onsite training
  • Integrations (Slack, Jira, others)
  • Dedicated automation

Aditional services

[] Onsite training - €1,200 day
[] On demand phishing campaign - contact us
[] Red team services - see red team prices

Testimonials and more

As soon as I got the report I was amazed to discover how many things we had overseen. The report was a real eye oppener.

J B Morrison


Thank you Aumint. The team was very experienced and helpful and the report gave us much needed understading of where are our weaknesses, what to do next and how we can improve. Looking forward to start the next round.

Carol Smith


What is Exposure Report

Exposure Report Representing Organization’s Social Engineering Exposure Level … 

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We strongly believe in our services and their huge value to our clients. Protecting and preventing Social Engineering hacking is an ongoing process. The hackers are getting better and smarter in the way they operate – and so do we.  

How do I get the Report ?

During your conversation with our representative you will be guided about the next stages and the expected deadlines .
Please note that this a personalized (non generic) and most valuable report. It can save your company. It is suited especially for your company according to its unique operation and environment.

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