Why Hackers love bargin events and how to be protected?


Hackers love a bargain just as much as consumers do and the run up to Amazon Prime Day is a perfect opportunity to swindle.

The hackers often use Scam Websites and Phishing campaigns to take advantage of the unsuspecting shoppers that are looking for a bargain. By luring the shoppers with promises of ‘Early Prime Day Deals’ they double up their opportunities to catch a victim.

The kicker is the buyer is the one who initiates the attack when caught by scam websites!

Scam Websites:

In the excitement leading up to Amazon Prime Day, people begin searching the internet looking for advance deals. The hackers have created URLs that look like Amazon.com, but the naming convention cloaks shady scam sites. The home page is a perfect imitation of the real Amazon home page. Feeling comfortable and assured, buyers begin purchasing items that will be paid for but will never get delivered.



Scammers send out scores of emails to potential buyers, promising great deals in advance of Prime Day. These emails look like they came from Amazon, but when you click on the link you are directed to a hackers homepage rather than the legitimate Amazon home page. Again, this perfect imitation makes the buyer comfortable and assured that they are buying from a known and trusted source.


Be aware – there are seven times as many fake Amazon sites on the internet in 2021!


How to avoid of becoming a victim?

You should:

  • Do NOT click on embedded links in an email.
  • Always go directly to Amazon.com to search for advance deals.
  • Train with AUMINT.io


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